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Trek to Siddha Parvat in Bhatti, Sanguem, Goa

Dt: 16-11-14

Trek to Siddha Parvat in Bhatti, Sanguem Taluka, Goa

It turned out to be another memorable trek with Eco Treks! I am glad I talked myself into going! 

Siddha Parbat is in Sanguem Taluka, in South Goa. So, about hundred of us eager trekkers started on our south Goa journey on a bright November 16th. Morning at 7.30 am. We travelled for a couple of hrs. and reached the entrance gate to the Siddha Parvat. By now we were on the ghat roads. Someone pointed a huge mountain in front and said we have climb it. I could not see a trail leave alone a path!

Entrance gate

As per the schedule, we were served breakfast of Pav bread, peas curry and Ragi sweet: of course as much tea as we want! After we partook the hot food, there was the usual round of introductions by all. 

Introductions going on

The newcomers / first timers are welcomed with hearty clapping. The trek in-charge discharged a few instructions, and we all started walking / climbing at our own pace. There was no flat ground anywhere and it was climbing all the way. The trail narrowed and only one person could go at a time. On either side of the trail, it was lush green forest, and we could not see beyond twenty feet. 

Steep climb

Lush green forest

At one place a huge tree had split into two and one part fell across the path and we had to go below it. The roots of the trees went crisscrossing across the trail, forming a sort of steps and making the ground more firm.  At places the run off water carried all the top soil leaving only stones and pebbles exposed. 

Under the fallen tree
Some kind soul marked the directions on stones at intervals. Without them you could wander the mountains forever!!! 

Direction marker on a stone

Finally after climbing for one and half hrs., we reached the top of the mountain. It was a like a flat table at the top, and there is a small Siva temple. One wonders how the building material was hauled all the way to the top! We caught our breath and rested our weary legs for half an hr. Those into photography clicked pictures of the views all round. 
Shiva temple at the top

Resting after a strenuous climb

Salaulem dam reservoir can be seen from the top.

Salaulim dam reservoir 

It is a magical place! I wonder, why, of all the mountain tops in that region, only this one was chosen to build a temple on!

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