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Mirror Mozaic piece

I was always fascinated by Mozaic, the arrangement of random sized pieces in mortar. Goa is famous for Chinese Mozaic and I was wondering who will teach it. Luckily, Ms. Kanika Singh a Mozaic artist from Gurgaon, conducted a 2 (half) day workshop, and off I went and registered myself.  Glass tiles of different colours
She provided all the materials, ie. a frame of 9" square with hardboard backing, a mirror of 4" square, glass mirror pieces of various colours, coloured glass beads, etc. The glass mozaic pieces have a translucent quality and lovely gloss to them. On the right side, they have a smooth finish, and on the back, there are groves for better grip when glued. They are about 2.5mm thick. One can use any other decorative pieces like, sea shells, pieces of ornaments, metal pieces, small stones etc. to give variety to the composition. In the 2 days, we have to make a decorative mirror frame with mozaic around the mirror.

Round wheel tile nipper (Tile cutter)
We could use the …

Role of women

Was the role of women in olden days really demeaning, pathetic and dismal? When I look at the life of present woman I many a times wonder; what are we fighting against?

(The following piece has been posted by me, under my husband's name in Linkedin , error on my part. Please forgive.) 
Here is my take on the questions raised by Ms. Vani Sarma on Linkedin: What is 'Olden days'? and when is 'Olden days'? Women from 'which' region are we discussing here? Since I donot like generalizations, let me be specific. My maternal grand mother had a very astute analytical and legal mind. There was no support and no options for her. She felt her life was wasted. I feel her 'Talent' went waste.
My grand mother from my father's side, wrote several books of prayers (got them published too), later in life. No one bothered to promote them. Here too, her talent went waste. Coming to the next generation, ie. my mother and aunts, they HAD to stay home and mind the kids. N…