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A girls night out - Saturday Night Bazaar - Arpora, Goa

Saturday, the 26th. of  November was the first day of a New Saturday Night Bazaar. It opened in Arpora, North Goa. Will be held every Saturday from 4 pm to the wee hours. We actually started out to go to the original Saturday Night Market. Upon reaching there we found a note stuck on the gate saying, it was decided that the market should be closed in the last minute. So, we had no option but to go this new Bazaar which was close to the old bazaar. It turned out to be a great night in spite of the initial disappointment. There was plenty of parking and it was well regulated. though at one point there was a huge surging crowd which entered and the main street was quite jam packed.
The reader must bear with me the quality of pictures. They were taken in the night with poor lighting.  Power supply was erratic, so some of the shops were having electricity on and off.
The merchant selling colourful hammoks devised an innovative way to exhibit them by hanging them over the walkway. It was like…

RBI's core Purpose, Values, and Vision

As all of you, I too grew up hearing the name Reserve Bank of India. It is a huge imposing building in Hyderabad. I had been there a few times to meet my school friends who were lucky enough to get cushy jobs. From time to time I also came to know of the Governors and listened to them. It was somehow comforting to know that there is an institution called RBI which will safe gaurd my financial interest. Sadly but truly, I never wondered what all does RBI do!
With all the hullabaloo about Demonetization going on and Reserve Bank of India's role in it, I was suddenly aware of the fact that I know precious little about its objectives and responsibilities. Quickly I opened the website of RBI and here is what I found: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------  RBI's Core Purpose, Values and Vision: Core Purpose To foster monetary and financial stability conducive to sustainable economic growth and to e…

A drive through a beautiful land - Journey from Patnem to Quepem by road, Goa

We planned our journey back from Patnem beach to Panjim, via Quepem. This too through the hinterland of Netravali wildlife sanctuary. What a journey that turned out to be!
I wonder if my explanation can do justice to the natural beauty, on the other hand, my photographs may not be very good either. try to look at the beauty which is beyond words and images!
Firstly we charted out the route and took a print out of it. It came immensely useful, because there are no sign posts or directions. Well we are talking about the hinterland here. So, do not expect either. GPS tracker would have been easier; imagine all the fun of finding your way the old fashioned way of asking the villagers in your language and them answering in their language!!! 
Names of some of the places were slightly different in the map compared to what the locals used, to add to the confusion. It was all so much fun really. We did not, but even if got lost we would not have minded, one bit, in that beautiful landscape!!
The g…

Palacio Do Deao, Quepem, South Goa

After spending a couple days on the beach, in Canacona, South Goa, my husband and I headed to Quepem Taluka through Goa hinterland and Netravali mountain range of Western Ghats. We made a print out of the map, and when in doubt, kept asking for directions along the way. There are not many sign boards enroute. As I mentioned it is through mountains, grass lands, ghats etc. one of the most beautiful locations I have seen. Since it is soon after monsoons, everything is still lush green. Though we made a list of places to see in Quepem, ran out of time, and ended up spending quality time at Palacio do Deao, only. Map by permission from Mr. Ruben Vasco Da Gama, Owner Quepem is not a big town, and you can reach Palacio easily.Through the main gate, you reach the courtyard where you can park your vehicle. There is an old well to the left of the gate. The water level is about 15 ft. below the ground. To the right is a statue of Jose Paulo, the Dean, who founded the Quepem town. He was a Portug…

A leisurely stroll on Palolem beach, South Goa

It was the end of October and the sea was calling. We love South Goa and that is where headed.  By the time we reached Colomb beach and checked into Secret Heaven Resort, rested and cleaned up, it was 4 pm. Time to head to the beach for the evening walk and a look at the sunset!  It was a short walk of 10 min. from the resort to the opening to the path which leads to the Palolem beach. This path is through the trees, over the rocks; a small adventure in itself. there are no street lights or lighting of any sort. better to avoid after dark. At the end of the path, there is a creek to cross. Depending on the time of the year and whether it is high tide or low tide time, there will be water in the creek. There will be a makeshift bridge made of wooden logs or bamboo, but since it is soon after the monsoons and the tourist season has yet to start, the bridge is not yet put up. So, that means one has to wade through the slightly murky waters. If one looks at the whole thing as adventure, thi…