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Trek to Mandalpatti view point, Madikeri

It had been a few months since we went on a trek. Seeing the natural beauty of Madikeri and its surroundings, we were rearing to go on a nice long walk. There were a few operators who take you on fixed trekking routes and they were charging Rs.4000 for a couple, for a day's trek. We were clear that we did not want to walk through a forest on a cloudy / rainy day. You know leeches etc. and so, we had look at other options if any.

When we heard about Mandalpatti and the views along the way, we decided to trek there. Mandalpatti is about 24 kms. from Madikeri's bus depot. Large part of the route is motorable road. But the last 5 - 6 kms. is bad, and some places no roads, where you have to go on hired jeeps. The jeep ride costs Rs.1500 and a very short wait, we were told. As we wanted to do the trek in a leisurely manner and enjoy the journey as much a s the destination, we took an auto rickshaw (for Rs.1000 for half a day) till the point where they are allowed, and from there star…


The thought of freshly brewed South Indian filter coffee, first thing in the morning, conjures up images of a steaming mug of dark brown coffee along with wonderful aroma. The taste buds gear up for the delicious brew. How many could resist such temptation? 
I must confess here that the only knowledge I had about coffee is - The coffee powder is made out of coffee beans. That is the sum total of everything I knew on this subject. Decided it is time to repair the lacuna!
On our recent holiday to Madikeri, on the corner of a busy street in town, we came across Mercara Coffee Estate, a coffee shop which sells coffee beans and powder. We were told they also conduct a tour of the coffee estate for a nominal fee of Rs.150 per head, which includes a cup of hot coffee at the end of the tour! We hired an autorikshaw for Rs.200 (to & fro), and off we went in search of coffee bushes / seeds / powder! Mercara Gold Estate
The coffee estate is about 4 kms. from the town of Madikeri; we reached it vi…

What is an FD?

Most of you must have heard the word FD. Let us understand what it means and how it affects our investments.
·FD is short for ‘Fixed Deposit’. In India it is called ‘Fixed Deposit’ or a ‘Term Deposit’. It is called Term Deposit in New Zealand, Australia, and Canada, or a ‘Certificate of Deposit’ (CD in USA).
·A Fixed Deposit is a financial instrument for investment. As the word suggests, a Fixed Deposit is fixed in nature, i.e. you are depositing your money for a fixed length of time and at a fixed rate of interest.

·Banks accept Fixed Deposits and some companies too accept them. Generally the interest rates issued by Companies are higher than those given by Banks. Similarly, the interest rates given by private banks and Co-operative banks will be higher than Nationalised banks.

·A Fixed Deposit is a Bond. The Bank or the Company who accepts the Fixed Deposit from an investor, issues a receipt for the same.

On the receipt are mentioned:
     Name of the Bank / company
     Investor’s name an…