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Chardham yatra - My observations

I had been on a pilgrimage to the famous Char Dhams in Uttarakhand, Yamunotri, Gangotri, Kedarnath, and Badrinath, in the month of May 2016. Along with a friend of mine from Hyderabad and a cousin's husband (brother - in - law) from Singrowli, we joined the tour which started from Rishikesh. It wasa 10 day road trip with night halts at Phoolchatti, Harsil, Uttarkashi, Rudraprayag, Gaurikund, Gauchar, Badrinath, and Kaleswar.
We had a very good experience traveling with GMVN, Garhwal mandal Vikas Nigam limited, as their Tourist Rest houses are sturdy, have the best locations and views, the rooms big and airy, the food (on order) very good, friendly and very helpful guide on the bus, very safe driving, all arrangements done well in advance, and finally a very reasonable package cost... Kedarnath Yatra darshan wouldnot have been possible but for the guide's herculean effort.
Some of the things I noticed on this journey are:
1. Mountains around Yamunotri are very steep and climb…

Kedarnath Yatra

We did Night halt at Rudraprayag GMVN Tourist Rest house. It is handsome building with big open spaces at the front and back. Right on the banks of Sangam of Bhagirathi and Mandakini rivers. There is a short trail down to the river from the Rest house. Some of us ventured and took a dip in icy cold water.  Next morning, we set out very early for Soneprayag. As per the scheduled program, we were going to stay at Kedarnathji / Kedar puri overnight. So we packed very light, just one set of clothes and plenty of warm clothes for the journey and night stay; a few medicines, snacks and such. The road keeps climbing continuously. A few kilometers before reaching Soneprayag, there are helipads at Phata where a few charter services are available for those wishing to fly to kedarnathji. Several pilgrims from our tour stopped at these helipads. One has to book the tickets before hand. There will be a waiting list for 8 -10 days in advance. My friend thought she could buy a ticket after reaching th…

Mana (India's last) Village

On the way back from Bhardrinath Pilgrimage Darshan, at a distance of 3 kms. there comes a fork in the road; the road on the right fork leads to a quaint village called Mana Village. it is also called the last village of India. The buses, vans and cars were parked on either side of the road. There should have been a designated parking or atleast a clearing for the numerous vehicles which were stopping by with tourists. As we kept walking (which was a chore after 9 days on the road / in the ghats!!!), we passed under a an entrance arch declaring India's last village Mana and Welcome. A thrilling experience! meaning I traveled to the edge / end of the country! 
There was a board declaring the altitude of the village at 10133 ft. Wish we could stay for a few more days and did some adventure trekking etc. Not possible on a package tour. I wanted to see some Babas / Sadhus / Munies, on my travel; except for a group on Kedarnath route didnot come across any, till then. There was one sitti…

Pinafore to Nightie - A Refashion

Some of my friends, relatives and acquaintances know that I make clothes. My neighbour every once in a while unloads stuff that she has no use for, onto me. Someone gave her this imported dress and it turned out to be too tight for her. Because I am slimmer than her, she said maybe I could wear it or use it to something. The fabric was cotton and very soft, but not thing or transparent.  After I took it home and looked at it closely, turning it inside out, noticed that it is actually a pinafore and someone just stitched up the sides till armhole opening. It became too small across the chest and obviously it will be too tight. Once I opened up the seams, it turned out to be an ok kind of design. Personally I am not a great fan of pinafores. Especially in Goa, it is humid most of the year and cannot wear two layers. So, the long and short of it is, I have no use for a pinafore. 

Since the cloth was really good and the print was small, in soft colours, and the best part is that the bodice…