Monday, November 10, 2014

Trek to Mhadei river crossing after Kumthal village, Valpoi

We were going on a trek after 6 months. We were going to cross Mhadei river after Kumthal village.
It was exciting thinking about heading into the hills with forest all round, and getting into the cool waters of Mhadei river! The date was 26th oct’14. As the day come closer, I got busy planning what to wear and which swimsuit to take etc. Two days before the due date, effect of Cyclone Nilofer hit Goa and it rained non-stop. All the well laid plans went for a toss, and had to settle for plastic sandals, old trousers, rain gear and umbrellas! So much for anticipation!
The day started out cloudy but dry and there were nearly 100 of us eager trekkers in 3 mini buses! We travelled for one and half hours and stopped in an open place for breakfast. Breakfast is the standard fare of Eco treks, Pav, Alsane curry with coconut gravy and tea. As always it was hot and very tasty. After having second and third helpings, we introduced ourselves and tell what we like about Eco treks etc.

Breakfast time
We got into the buses and travelled for another half hour. We alighted I don’t know exactly where; because, you see it was a mountain road and a thick jungle all around. Then we started walking in small groups few of the leaders in the front and a few took up the rear. We are generally left to go at our own pace.

The actual trek

Those who want to can stop and take photos, appreciate the flora or even answer nature’s call. Because we were in the mountains, and it had been raining, there were numerous small and medium streams flowing everywhere. It was a delight to watch the gurgling water over the rocks, the lush greenery covered every square inch. After walking for about two hours, we came to the Mhadei river crossing.

Gurgling Mhadei river

Oh, What a beautiful sight! Rushing cool water over smooth rocks! Those of us who were inclined to play in the water, got in, and the rest of us just enjoyed watching the nature.

Water sports!

A hot lunch was arranged on the banks of the river and I took my plate stood in one foot of water under the sky and ate happily. It was a very new experience!
Slowly we started back the way we went. By then, the clouds were descending over the hills and it was a magnificent sight.

Clouds on Mountains!

Again we walked for 2 hours and stopped at a village house for tea and bajjis and resting our feet.
We got back to Panjim, with antakshari, friends catching up, some napping and those like me not wanting miss anything, avidly trying to remember every detail along the way. Got dropped off by 7 pm.

It was a good and enjoyable trek. Did not bargain for a wet day, but life is like that; full of unexpected surprises!

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