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Stand for hand bags - organiser

New Year's gift from Jo Our apartment is spacious and ideally located. One drawback it has, according to me is that there are no built-in cupboards / cabinets or wardrobes. That greatly puts pressure on the limited loose storage furniture that we have. Both Jo and I have hobbies and stuff related to them. My hand bags were using up a lot of space, and the way I was keeping them in the suitcases and bags, I could not retrieve them in time when I needed them. They were collecting fungus and smell, thus kept.  Once I showed Jo the kind of stand I need for to hang the bags at a fair. I had forgotten all about it. There was this stand lying around in the balcony, for years. Jo had got it made in very good quality teak wood for mosquito net. Somehow the carpenter did not understand the requirement, and made a vertical pole on a stand of cross members. He bought the small wheels and steel hooks. We had wood polish at home. On a Sunday preceding the new year, he sand papered the stand, polis…

Veeniola - A holiday Home away from Home, Cavelossim, Goa

We wanted a holiday; and where else but to South Goa, we headed. J had been there once before and he promised me that I will like it. I packed for 4 days, thinking, if I like it, I will stay, if not, get back in 2days.
The drive to Cavelossim through the village roads is beautiful! the charming traditional old Goan houses, the creeks, the hills and the occasional glimpses of the sea. It is a paradise. I have not tired of the journey till now. 
After about an hour we reached the quaint neighbourhood of Cavelossim, and a few scattered buildings among the fields, and here stands the Holiday Home 'Veeniola'. A charming two storey guest house in blue and white. There is parking for a few cars and two wheelers inside the property. There is plenty of space for parking outside.
The first question any guest would ask is, "How far is the beach?". Well, it is half a km. as the crow flies, but 3 kms. by road. That is because there is a long strip of land belonging to Indian Navy b…

Spice man from Mapusa Market, Goa

On any friday, from morning till late evening, there is a bustling weekly fair on in Mapusa municipal market, Goa. On our previous couple of visits and experimenting with a few products and trusting sales boys, we found this seller of spices. He is Prakash K. Naik.  He sells powdered spices and whole spices. The whole spices include red chillies of different varieties, black and green pepper corns, dry ginger, cinnamon sticks, turmeric roots, coriander seeds, cumin seeds, fennel seeds, and also some spices locally produced. What I like about them is that they are of good quality and look very fresh.  He stocks two varieties of powdered spices, by machine grinding and hand pounded. Different Chilli powders, spice powders for various curries, turmeric powder must be used to believe them. The best ones are his hand pounded spices. They smell heavenly.  They are more expensive than the similar ones available in super markets for obvious reasons. We made a habit of gifting these spice mixtur…

New Year's Eve celebration at Zeebop by the Sea, South Goa

It is end of December and the the one main question is where to spend the New Year's Eve, for most people. Next important question (again for most people) would be what to where for the do. As to where to go, I had only two options, to a resort in North Goa, run by a friend, and a beach shack in south Goa, which we frequent.
There are certain benefits to ageing; you know your resources and limitations, you know to separate hype and facts, and finally, you know your wants.  Since the friend from North Goa did not come through, our dinner and celebrations at the South Goa beach shack was default venue. Life is so peaceful....  As to what to wear, I had designed and stitched a tunic and trouser set, ready and hanging in the wardrobe waiting to be aired... Life is so easy when you are 50+... We sent an SMS asking them to reserve a table for two.  31st. December came round finally and we got ready in our best and headed out to South Goa, on the NH 17. Taking a side road, and…