Friday, April 22, 2016

Tomato Omelette

Eggs are tasty but sometimes they can be boring. To jazz up a breakfast, convert an everyday egg into an omelette. Everyone loves a tasty and wholesome omelette. 
You are thinking what is so great about an omelette? Yes, ok, try this recipe and tell me if you still think it is not good. 
This is a very simple and basic recipe which produces a delicious omelette.
Eggs - 1 or 2
Tomato - 1 big / 2 small
Spring onion - 1 sprig
Cooking oil / butter / ghee - 1.5 tsp.
Pepper powder - 1/4 tsp.
Salt - to taste

Beat eggs in a bowl.
Take a non- stick pan, pour oil or butter or ghee into it. When it is hot, put finely chopped spring onion and tomato in it. Fry it until tomato is no longer raw. Add pepper powder and salt. Stir it gently.
Pour the beaten egg over it and spread it evenly.
Turn the omelette on the other side. Cook it until the egg is set but not too dry. take it off the stove, serve with toast and a dip or a smoothie.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Short trek at Fort Aguada, Goa

April's trek was a short one. At the end of it, it was not a trek but a gentle walk. Still, I enjoy the whole preparation of packing a bag, getting up early, reaching the destination on time and walking ...

Muskaan, an NGO from Goa, conducted this trek in collaboration with Eco Treks, a non-profit by trekking enthusiasts, Goa. All treks are special, but this one was even more so because it was for a cause; to bring awareness of breast cancer and its cures, to encourage the patients to fight it like warriors, and to show that they can lead a full life. It was in aid of supporting and encouraging the Breast cancer survivors to lead a healthy and fit life. At least that is what I gathered from the event. I am glad I took part in it.

There were about 25 of breast cancer survivors and 30 from Eco Treks, a few from the press and some friends. So it was a small group. 
We all met at the light house / Fort Aguada. It was 6.20 am in the morning. An faint morning sun and cool breeze welcomed us.
After a short walk along the fort wall, and around the light house, we went past an open tree shaded ground and then on to the edge of the plateau. The views from here are spectacular. There is water (Arabian Sea) on three sides. We could see the fishing boats in the early morning light, the waves crashing against the rocks and the eagles circling the boats. 
After enjoying the walk and the views, we headed back to the tree shaded ground where Muskaan Foundation organised a small felicitation function. There were short speeches, medal distribution ceremony to all the survivors of breast cancer by Muskaan. On its part, Eco Treks gave away coffee mugs with a message and art work by Alexis, to all the survivors. Muskaan distributed black T shirts to all the Eco Trek members for their support.
Everyone got packed breakfast (sandwich, veg patty, and a cup cake) and water. After that hearty breakfast, we dispersed.
I got to see Fort Aguada from outside (now I know where it is) and the light house.
Some photographs from the event are attached below. 

Friday, April 1, 2016

Tote Bag out T shirt, an Upcycle project

All those who are active on internet would have seen this video of a striped T shirt converted to a tote bag. I too saw it. It is no sew tote bag. One requirement for that tote bag is a kid's size T shirt. Since I could not get my hands on a kid's T shirt, I let it wait. 
Recently I went visiting my young neighbour. She liked a tote bag I was carrying and wanted to make something like that. I remembered this T shirt to Tote bag project and explained to her. She quickly grabbed 2 black T shirts and gave me a choice. WOW! I suddenly have 2 T shirts to chose from. One was plain but sturdy (you want a sturdy bag, right!) and the other had a smart print on it, but the material was a bit thin. I opted for the sturdy yet plain black one and went to work with it.
Like shown in the video, I cut out the sleeves, increased the neck opening, same depth, front and back. I pinned the bottom and tried it with stuff in it. As expected, It was not comfortable. I turned the bag 90 degrees (the seam will come in the center) and again pin the bottom opening and checked. It fit perfectly this time. Instead of tying up the tassels at the bottom (again as shown in the video), I put a seam, rounding the corners (or the corners would sag!) 
Well, it turned out to be a perfect but boring black bag. Rummaged through my stash of materials and found this piece of cloth with a funky print in a rectangular shape and some old and used lace. Quickly attached the applique and lace to the front. 
Tote bag ready.

Salvadordo Mundo Church - Goa

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