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Bottle Gourd curry in Tamarid juice


Boat ride from Baga beach to Anjuna Beach, Goa

I had a lucky chance to go to Anjuna beach the other day. Hubby's ex-boss was in the country and wanted to treat us to breakfast in Anjuna. I am always ready to go to a beach destination and what better place to have breakfast than at a beach shack overlooking the waves break on the rocks!!! After parking the car in front of someone's residence / restaurant, we legged it to the beach. It is nearing the end of tourist season, so the beach was not overly crowded. It was a lovely morning, clear blue sky and not too hot a day. I deal weather to slip into flip flops, a pair of disreputable shorts and a tank top; and don't forget that floppy hat! Thought of a sumptuous breakfast was surely a friding force! There were sailing boats waiting for passengers! Tourists were swimming, walking or simply lounging on the beach. We waited for the boat to arrive back from Anjuna. Surprising to know that there is a regular shuttle service from Baga beach to Anjuna beach and back. On land it is…

Gajar / carrot chutney

Did I mention that I love Gajar the desi carrots? I did? ok, I cannot love it enough! When they are in season, I buy them by the kilo, and use them in anything and most everything! Here is a chutney variety for you. If you slight sweetening in your food, you will love it. I quite enjoy the natural sweet taste of gajar in any recipe. So it is...
Ingredients: Gajar / carrot - 1/2 kg Dry red chilies - 4 nos. Tamarind - size of a small lime Oil - 2 tbs. for frying, and 2 tbs for garnishing Cumin, black gram lentils, and mustard seeds - 1 tsp. each Garlic pods - 6 nos. Salt - to taste Curry leaves - a handful
Method:  Clean and scrape off the skin from Gajar. Cut them into small pieces. The smaller the pieces, faster they cook. 
Clean and soak tamarind in a cup of water. Heat 1 tbs.oil in a frying pan, add mustard, cumin, black gram to. it. when start splutter, add a few curry leaves, garlic pods, and red chilies. take the pan off the flame, when they are fried. Let it coll down a bit before putting i…

Mapping through Art

According to Ms. Rani Sarin who conducted the workshop on 'Mapping through art', we all  travel with maps.Some are universal such as the constellations and the shape of continents and some as particular as the local roads we are familiar with.As we navigate 'our life's way', we are all creating our private maps. Like memory, geography is associative. We carry a personal atlas in our heads. Ms. Rani Sarin - Workshop facilitator Ms. Sarin explained that a map is simply a visual record of meanderings, both mental and physical. Here are some ideas for things you could consider mapping:  A garden A grocery store Your home A school An idea How you got here Your activities Your vacation Your day A story you are reading  An Island A dog's live
Ms. Mirium who runs Gallery Gitanjali, Goa A book on mapping The attendees Workshop in progress
Some visitors watching the attendees at work and interacting with them We can display our experiences, the places we saw and things we did through maps. …