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Arvalem Waterfalls

1 hr.15 min from Panjim, 5 min. drive from Arvalem caves, you will come to Arvalem or Harvalem waterfalls. one of the most beautiful spectacles you will see in nature. No long drive into wilderness, no trekking into the hills / valleys, easily accessible; you will miss them if you didnot know they are there. 
Arvalem waterfalls are on the Cudnem river, cascading down the hills and through the trees. 

                         There are Araknut and coconut plantations amid thick forests. 

A beautiful walkway is made by the side of the waterfall which keeps going up to the waterfall. these photos are taken at various heights.

The waterfalls are in a left corner and a huge pool extends to the right, before meandering down into a narrow river.
As you get closer to the top of the falls, you can experience the spray of the water and the roar of the water gushing down; white foamy and clear!
There is well maintained terrace with benches at various levels to sit and watch the waterfalls peacefully o…

Arvalem Caves

Arvalem Caves or Harvalem caves are rock cut caves in laterite hill on the way to Arvalem waterfalls. We came across them so suddenly, that we stopped to take a look at them.
They are situated in the south-east side of Sankhali town in Goa.These caves are upposed to be cut in 5th or 6th century AD.
There is a notice board announcing the location anddescription of the caves is in a rusty condition; nevertheless giving useful information about the shape of the lingas and the engrvings on the shrines.
                                     Notice Board by Archeological survey of India

                                              View of the caves from outside

                                                  Interior of the caves
                                         Siva Linga is sitting on a circular disc

Other Siva lingas in the caves   Because he stone is Laterite, the surface is rough and the detailing is bold as seen in the walls, steps and ceiling.
For all those lovers of history and arc…