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Raw Jack fruit or Kathal stir fry

I had eaten the raw jack fruit stir fry for the first time about 20 years ago when my family visited a Malayalee family in Kannanur in Kerala. Our hostess, went to the backyard, plucked one small young jackfruit and skinned it and cooked it right infront of us. I was amazed. Best part of it was that she used a stone dish for cooking it. I have been trying to source such a pot ever since but with no success. I came to know in the past few years that the stone cutters are not using the right type of stone for making these pots and that they break on usage. Those who own them usually get them handed down from generation to generation. The food cooked in them taste super delicious!
On our recent trip to a farm, we were served this jackfruit stir fry. Now I wanted to cook it myself. What better than to buy one from the same farm! Lo and behold, I came home equipped with a huge raw jack fruit (I wanted a small one, but the host insisted I take the big one).

The I began asking a few Malayalee …

Morning walk on Caranzalem beach, Goa

It was a bright, sunny morning; the last day of January 2016. Already one month is gone this year! Anyway, back to this morning, Joachim and I got ready (in our flip flops and very casual clothes) to go to the beach for our morning walk. I am a evening walking person, but some sundays we go in the morning to the beach. Since Caranzalem, beach is just across the road from where we live, it is always a pleasure to go there. 
A walk is a walk wherever you go. Why a blog post on it? For me, a walk on a beach is like no other. Here is a world in itself. It is a complete experience. The pictures show some of the things I noticed on my walk and describe my experiences. There is always something to learn when I go with Joachim! He is well of knowledge! We reach the beach and what a pleasure to sea the water! The fishing boats ready to go to sea.  I love this freshly painted boat resting on wooden planks. When the fishermen want to take it into the sea, they remove one wooden plank, put it ahead …

Mhadei river crossing near Sonal village, Valpoi, Goa

Another trek but to a place visited in 2014. That was Just after the rains; the region was a lot more green. Now most of the grass and vegetation turned brown. Brown is also beautiful! We started in 2 buses. Traveled for one and half hours. I love the journey. Houses spaced out and keep getting farther from each other and the terrain undulating; and slowly getting into the hills!
Stopped on the way, past Valpoi, on the side of the road for some well deserved breakfast of fresh Pav bread and Alsane curry in spicy coconut gravy and steaming tea! heavenly! There was one change this time: they asked us to bring our own plates and spoons, so that there won't be any garbage, which we all welcomed wholeheartedly!
We start the trek through the entrance to Mhadei Wildlife sanctuary. I click a couple of pictures for posterity! We were promised a leisurely trek. and an easy one.Soon there was km long trekkers, each setting their own pace. There were a few kids and teenagers too and not so young …

Cushion Covers

Here are some cushion covers I made for a friend out of assorted left over materials of assorted sizes and shapes. They were - Raw Silk in Beige, Green Tie and Die and red black and white Ikkat hand loom material. Made them in two sizes of 16"x16" and 12"x12". On the back there is an overlap and I fixed 2 press buttons. Taking fresh material from the bail and making whatever items we want to make is any day easier. Making items out of assorted pieces is challenging, but the results can be very charming!

Vegetable Pickle - Punjabi style

I had not been to Langar at a Gurudwara until last year. My friends Teji and Jagmohan very kindly invited me to go with them when they visited on a Sunday. That is when I had food there for the first time and loved their vegetable pickle. Teji offered to show me the method; but one thing or the other kept getting in the way. When both were free and ready, the vegetables were not in season. Finally we got the ingredients ready and agreed on a time and made it. She showed me the procedure step by step. It taste delicious! I was so excited I learnt something new, I told all my friends!
Thanks Teji.


Cauliflower - 1/2, cut into medium sized florets
Turnips (Shalgam) - 2 nos. cut 2"x1/4" length wise pieces
Red Carrots (Gajar) - 2 nos. cut 2"x1/4" length wise pieces
Onion - 2 nos, cut length wise thin slices
Ginger garlic paste - 2 tsp.
Mustard oil - 100 ml.
White synthetic vinegar - 400 ml.
Jaggery (good) - 400 gms.
Mustard seeds - 2 tbs. powder it
Chilli powder - 1.5 t…

Lokotsav, Goa - 2016

I get very excited this time of the year! It is time for Lokotsav, an arts and handicrafts fair. Lots of beautiful stuff to see and indulge in. Held annually in the grounds adjacent to Kala Academy, Panjim, it is held for 10 days, from 8th. January to 17th. January. Though December and January are crowded with events, I manage to take out time for Lokotsav.   
 The main entrance to Lokotsav could have been better designed and executed. But it is passable. It gets very crowded in the
evenings, so I went during the afternoon. Stalls lining on either side of the walkways which are covered on top, to keep out the leaves and trash. There were stalls selling Kolhapuri chappals in latest styles to keep up with the trends. One gets tempted to buy a few pairs seeing the mirrors, bead work and zari on them. My favourite are those exhibiting and selling arts and crafts. Here, this lady is exhibiting wall hangings etc. in Madhubani style. This artizan is making bangles in lac. He is showcasing how m…