Sunday, January 18, 2015

Reis Margos Fort, Goa

Located in Verem, Goa, Reis Margos fort is a small and unpretentious fort. It is neither grand nor awe inspiring, but a piece of interesting history has been restored and preserved for posterity.

Ramp up to the fort

View of Mondovi river from the ramp

The fort is strategically placed on top on the hill, having a clear view of Mandovi River, Arabian sea and the hills behind. For us tourists and visitors, we get spectacular views from the top, of the river, the sea, boats, and the quaint towns all round. 

Main entrance to fort

Main door
There is an armory, couple of solitary confinement cells, a craft centre, a central courtyard, 2 halls showcasing Mario Miranda’s cartoons and paintings, and several cannons. In the craft centre, the photos of ‘before’ and ‘after’ renovation and restoration of the fort are displayed. They did a fantastic job with the restoration. The fort was totally dilapidated, plants growing on the walls, and the roofs caved in. 

Craft Centre

Green wall behind the craft centre


Solitary confinement cell

The restored fort connects the history of the place to the present generation. Picture gallery of Mario Miranda’s drawings and cartoons is a tribute to his greatness, and a source of encouragement to the visitors.

Mario Miranda Picture gallery

Picture window


What I liked best was that it is authentic, made to look like an old fort and not a modern one. Long climb up to the fort by a ramp paved with Laterite stone ending in a sitout with built In benches. Amazing views of the towns of Goa, Mandovi river, fishing and tourist boats, the Arabian sea, the water, waves, and sky from the ramp. 

What I liked best was that it is authentic, made to look like an old fort and not a modern one.

Fort seen from below

There is peace, tranquility, breathtaking views, lots of greenery, easy accessibility, a must see place in Goa, for everyone. 

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