Thursday, January 15, 2015


I do a lot of dress making; all of my clothes and sometimes those of others too. Because of which a lot of left over bits and pieces of fabric is remains. Sometimes they are large pieces, and I use them as part of another dress if not or as a trim etc. Over a period of time, I will have a few carry bags full of pieces of fabric. 
When it happened the first time, the bags were occupying every shelf and cupboard. I had to either throw them out or give them away. I decided to use them myself and that is how my first patchwork bedspread / wall hanging / curtain came into being. Oh, it was very painstaking and laborious! Took a long time to finish it!
From time to time, I used the bedspread as a curtain or a wall hanging. After nearly 20 years, I still could not throw it out, so, I cut it up into smaller pieces and made bath mats! You can imagine how much I loved it!
Since that first experiment, I convert the extra pieces of fabric (as and when a couple of carry bags are full) into bedspreads, thin quilts, cushion covers, pillow case,s and diwan covers. I love them. To me :
  • *    They add colour to the interiors
  • *    It is an effective use of left over material
  • *    They bring up memories of my clothes and events 
  • *    Inspirational
  • *    Every time you look at them, you feel good that you were productive
  • *    They help save money on new bed sheets etc.
  • *    You can be as creative as you like. There is no right or wrong way of making them
8’x8’ Bedspread

This is a 8’x8’ bedspread made out of all 100% cotton materials only. I learnt from past experience that never to mix cottons, silk, synthetics, laces etc. together. Also use the material of similar thickness and density.
I cut the pieces into 7”x7” pieces with the help of a cardboard stencil. After stitching, the size came down to 6”x6”.
I attached the pieces in a row, making sure no two consecutive pieces are of same colour and / or design. When the strip is 8’ long, I started making another strip. I made a total of 16 such strips of 8’ (approxi.) long. Trimmed the edges and attached the strips together. This was tricky. First, I spread out the strips on the floor and made sure no two pieces of same colour and / or design were next to each other. With so many assorted materials and designs, it was not easy. 
Next step was to attach the backing. I used thin cotton white material. The backing material was cut to the same size as the prepared bedspread and tacked to it.
Finally, the edges of the huge square are trimmed and a border of 2” was stitched all round.

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