Cotton apron

I needed to send a few gifts to some friends. What better than to make something with my own hands and give! 
I had 1.5 m. of Pochampally handloom fabric for a few years now. The fabric is thick but smooth. Perfect for an apron! There was some pure silk Pochampally material in shades of brown which added some colour. 

Apron with ties and pocket

I had stitched several aprons long time back. But now, I was short of time, so decided on a simple pattern. Since I did not have the body measurements, I wanted the apron to fit any size. Ribbons of silk material were attached to tie around the neck and also around the waist. A good sized pocket is very useful on an apron. So, an edging of silk fabric was put on the pocket to high light it.

Apron when worn looks like this

The whole piece took about 3 hrs. from cutting, stitching to pressing.


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