Friday, January 23, 2015

Anjuna Flee Market, Goa

I love flee markets; infact any kind of markets! And I love Anjuna flee market more than others! Here is why:

Anjuna flee market is open every Wednesday, whole day till sunset, during the tourist season. You get to see people of different nationalities in one place.

A Street View

Since it is a day long market, you can shop till you drop!  It is huge! Sprawling across fields and the beach, housing Hundreds of stalls! There is something for everyone:
Decorative Items 

Decorative and gift items like statues and figurines;

Costume Jewellery

Different varieties of costume jewellery;

Wall hangings

There are hand crafted items like wall hangings;

Summer clothes

If you are not prepared for lounging on the beach, you will find lovely summer clothes and beachwear in all possible sizes;

T-shirts printed with images of deities and symbols for the spiritually inclined;


·               The spice shops: Wow! The aroma of spices pervading through out the market!                                                                                                                                  And Displayed so beautifully;
Tibetan stalls

There are the very special stalls by Tibetans. Do not go into the details of whether it is pure silver or Sterling silver. You like something, then just buy it and wear it right there, and be happy!
Coconut leaves as roofing material

Coconut palm leaf covered shops keep the interiors cool and the play of sunlight   and shadows on the people and wares is a lovely sight;

Antique Jewellert & artifacts

 I particularly like the antique looking jewellery and artifacts for their vibrant colours and pretty designs;
  • Wear sturdy comfortable walking shoes and carry water / juice and snacks if you are particular about what you eat.
  • It is heartening to the local vendors having spirited conversations (haggling!) with the tourists in English, Russian and a smattering of other languages too. 
  • The market ends finally at Anjuna beach. A quiet walk along the water's edge or better still, soak the weary feet in cool water, after a long day's bargaining is divine.
  • When in Goa during the tourist season and on a Wednesday, a visit to the Anjuna flee market is a must see and experience.

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