Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Veeniola - A holiday Home away from Home, Cavelossim, Goa

We wanted a holiday; and where else but to South Goa, we headed. J had been there once before and he promised me that I will like it. I packed for 4 days, thinking, if I like it, I will stay, if not, get back in 2days.
The drive to Cavelossim through the village roads is beautiful! the charming traditional old Goan houses, the creeks, the hills and the occasional glimpses of the sea. It is a paradise. I have not tired of the journey till now. 
After about an hour we reached the quaint neighbourhood of Cavelossim, and a few scattered buildings among the fields, and here stands the Holiday Home 'Veeniola'. A charming two storey guest house in blue and white. There is parking for a few cars and two wheelers inside the property. There is plenty of space for parking outside.
The first question any guest would ask is, "How far is the beach?". Well, it is half a km. as the crow flies, but 3 kms. by road. That is because there is a long strip of land belonging to Indian Navy between Veeniola and the beach. One literally goes round it. The upside is that, you may spot Peacocks (we did see two of them), porcupines, foxes, reptiles and various other wildlife in the surrounding areas, depending on the time of the day.
As you enter there is registration counter and then a spacious and comfortable lounge. Stairs leading to the first floor where maximum no. of guest rooms are located.

You will find Mr. Charles Miranda, the proprietor behind the counter most of the time, when he is not busy seeing to the running of the place and making the guest feel comfortable. He is fondly called Charlie by everyone and is a very pleasant and friendly young man. If you are interested, he had an interesting account how he happened to take care of Veeniola. While he was still in college studying Hotel management, his mother started the construction of Veeniola, as she needed to do something post retirement. Though initially started out as a 3 apartments, slowly became a guest house. Charlie says, in the beginning it was tough going; that was pre-internet days. The neighbouring resort would send their excess guests to Veeniola. Slowly word spread that it is a comfortable place and guest are looked after well, that the guests starting arriving directly. Since the explosion of internet, since the last 4 years, and having their own website, it is doing well. 
A well maintained kitchen and dining area are on the ground floor. One can chose either the semi covered seating in the verandah or under the coconut trees. Choice of alcoholic beverages is also available for those who want, in the bar. 
Though they prefer Credit or Debit cards and Indian currency (if it is cash), Veeniola accepts any other foreign currency too.
In the Lounge there is Comfortable seating with a television, magazines, newspapers and a book shelve. the first thing I did on entering is to head towards the book shelf, and select a couple of books for my self. My target was to finish them by the end of my stay. this is on top the book I took with me. Very ambitious of me, I must say!

The guest rooms are roomy ans spacious. Well ventilated. Large window and doyble doors to the balcony covered by lovely white lace curtains. The sheets and towels are all white. There was a medium sized refrigerator, a television, and a couple of plastic chairs for the balcony.
The bathroom is large and clean. There was continuous running hot water.
You can see the coconut palms from the room and in the night, one can hear the roar of the waves. Chirping of birds is a constant background music.
On the walls, you will see prints of old Goa, giving an air of quiet homely feeling.
During the monsoons, Veeniola is closed for 4 months, and that is when Charlie does his traveling. He says that Veeniola is a holiday home, and mostly long term guests stay here, those who avoid the long winters. His future plans include starting a resort in South Goa. 
We had a good time at Veeniola and the staff were courteous and helpful.
All the best to Charlie for his future plans!
If you wan to check it out, the address is:
H.no.23/A, Tamborim, Cavelossim, Salcete, Goa
e-mail: veeniola@yahoo.co.in
Tel: 0832-2744790, 91-9011062244/9822685858 

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