Monday, January 2, 2017

New Year's Eve celebration at Zeebop by the Sea, South Goa

It is end of December and the the one main question is where to spend the New Year's Eve, for most people. Next important question (again for most people) would be what to where for the do. As to where to go, I had only two options, to a resort in North Goa, run by a friend, and a beach shack in south Goa, which we frequent.
There are certain benefits to ageing; you know your resources and limitations, you know to separate hype and facts, and finally, you know your wants. 
Since the friend from North Goa did not come through, our dinner and celebrations at the South Goa beach shack was default venue. Life is so peaceful.... 
As to what to wear, I had designed and stitched a tunic and trouser set, ready and hanging in the wardrobe waiting to be aired... Life is so easy when you are 50+...
We sent an SMS asking them to reserve a table for two. 
31st. December came round finally and we got ready in our best and headed out to South Goa, on the NH 17. Taking a side road, and through winding village roads, and beautiful and picturesque scenery (in the night too), we reached the venue....
The restaurant is called 'Zeebop by the Sea'. It is in Utorda. There is ample parking. The entry fee / cover charges of Rs.300 seemed reasonable. The menu was ala carte. So, you pay for what you order. What can be more reasonable than that. 
Since it was Christmas and New year week, the place was lit up with myriad hanging lamps and decorations. I am sucker for decorations. They add to the festivities. The trees were lit up, there were gift boxes in made of bling.

Zeebop is a sprawling restaurant by the beach, there is no flooring, it is white soft sand. Ladies and gentlemen, wear sensible footwear. During the day, you can look at the sea and waves while dining.

There was a beautiful Manger, tall Christmas tree and self glowing reindeer inside a white picket fence.
Coming to the food, one can select the sea food displayed in the trays, from giant crabs to huge fish and jumbo lobsters... They will cook them to your specifications. What more can one ask for!
 The tables were decorated with flowers and clean crockery and cutlery. The food at Zeebop is exemplary. Even their vegetarian cuisine is really good.
 A decent bar menu to suit most palates. Since it was party time everyone had a good time!
 Since we covered the decorations, food and drink, a party is never complete without music. Goa is famous for its music, and most singers that I have heard are good. So is Mark, here belting out new and old numbers with equal panache.
The dance floor is pure white and the lights were great. there were cabanas next to the music, for those who desire to be closer to it.  He did oblige me for a couple of songs for us to shake a leg to waltz music...
 As the hunger got assuaged, a few drinks downed, the floor was packed with the dancers. Everyone seemed to have a good time.
 A tree was decked up in illuminated stars, looked totally surreal! We stepped out on to the beach for a short walk. From the beach Zeebop looked ethereal.
By the stroke of midnight, there were fireworks on the beach. A great location, by the sound of the waves, run by a good friend Sergio Dias, great food, lovely music, terrific dance floor, casual setting, firework display, courteous waiters, easy on the pocket, it is a recipe for ringing in the New year. That is what we had!

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