Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Stand for hand bags - organiser

New Year's gift from Jo
Our apartment is spacious and ideally located. One drawback it has, according to me is that there are no built-in cupboards / cabinets or wardrobes. That greatly puts pressure on the limited loose storage furniture that we have. Both Jo and I have hobbies and stuff related to them. My hand bags were using up a lot of space, and the way I was keeping them in the suitcases and bags, I could not retrieve them in time when I needed them. They were collecting fungus and smell, thus kept. 
Once I showed Jo the kind of stand I need for to hang the bags at a fair. I had forgotten all about it.
There was this stand lying around in the balcony, for years. Jo had got it made in very good quality teak wood for mosquito net. Somehow the carpenter did not understand the requirement, and made a vertical pole on a stand of cross members.
He bought the small wheels and steel hooks. We had wood polish at home. On a Sunday preceding the new year, he sand papered the stand, polished the wood, and cut off the top end by approxi. 15". Then he fixed the wheels to the base of the stand; then marked the position for the hooks, drilled holes into the vertical member, and fixed the steel hooks. Over all there are 6 hooks, at 8" intervals, in a clock wise fashion. The hook is 6" long and 1 " high. I can hang 3 to 4 bags on each hook. Finally, icing on the cake, ie. on top of the vertical member, he put a small doll made of cloth, bought from Handicrafts fair. 
Atlast I have a place for my bags and I can get to them easily, I can move the stand anywhere I want, thus the problem of smell and fungus will be greatly reduced; and I am very happy with it. 
Thanks Jo for not only fulfilling a requirement but also using the materials at home and recycling what is not used.

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