Sunday, November 27, 2016

A girls night out - Saturday Night Bazaar - Arpora, Goa

Saturday, the 26th. of  November was the first day of a New Saturday Night Bazaar. It opened in Arpora, North Goa. Will be held every Saturday from 4 pm to the wee hours. We actually started out to go to the original Saturday Night Market. Upon reaching there we found a note stuck on the gate saying, it was decided that the market should be closed in the last minute. So, we had no option but to go this new Bazaar which was close to the old bazaar. It turned out to be a great night in spite of the initial disappointment.
There was plenty of parking and it was well regulated. though at one point there was a huge surging crowd which entered and the main street was quite jam packed.
The reader must bear with me the quality of pictures. They were taken in the night with poor lighting.  Power supply was erratic, so some of the shops were having electricity on and off.
The merchant selling colourful hammoks devised an innovative way to exhibit them by hanging them over the walkway. It was like a covered path and gave a very interesting look and feel to the area.
Since there are a few posts in the past on flee market and other bazaars, I tried to avoid the stall and merchandise already shown earlier. This shop was selling Buddhist artifacts, quite interesting really.
This shop had various percussion instruments / drums. He was standing in front of his stall playing the drums expertly. That is his USP. Whether the buyer can play it so well is anyone's guess. Looking on the bright side, at least you will develop an interest in music!
Pure leather footwear was tempting to try on a few pairs. They seemed tres comfortable and aesthetic. Don't miss the Buddha heads; a shop completely dedicated to the idea of peace and tranquility represented by Buddha. Any takers?
There are several spice shops in all markets and bazaars, anywhere in Goa. The aroma of fresh spices permeates the whole area. I simply love the smells. there was a dedicated shop for different types of Tea leaves. I saw several foreign tourists selecting the Tea of their choice.
Read in the newspapers recently that the Chief Minister of Goa had inaugurated the Cycle Party carts. There was one of them, albeit stationary, selling ice cream and shakes. If it circled or in motion, may be more people would have been interested. that is my opinion of course!
What is a party or a market or a bazaar in Goa without music? It will be be a dull affair. Goa is know for its live music. Keeping that tradition alive, there were live performances. Indian as well as foreign tourists were grooving to the fusion music. Did I mention food and drinks stalls? No? There was a wide range of food items and drinks (hic!) to chose from. Demonetization or not, people have to eat; in Goa, they have to drink too...
Halfway through the music performance, there were fire works display from behind the stage. It was spectacular. Must confess, I am a sucker for fire works display.
Ate Swiss Chocolate Gelato, bought a pair of cotton pants for hubby, listened to great music, watched rockets light up the sky, great company of girl friends, lovely cool evening / night weather; all in all it was an enjoyable night. 
Reminded me of the times when we would not have any money to buy stuff (read - broke), and would just go and enjoy; thanks to demonetization, every one was feeling the pinch. Or did we become a nation of people to hang on to our Rs.100 notes for dear life!!

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