Sunday, November 13, 2016

A drive through a beautiful land - Journey from Patnem to Quepem by road, Goa

We planned our journey back from Patnem beach to Panjim, via Quepem. This too through the hinterland of Netravali wildlife sanctuary. What a journey that turned out to be!
I wonder if my explanation can do justice to the natural beauty, on the other hand, my photographs may not be very good either. try to look at the beauty which is beyond words and images!
Firstly we charted out the route and took a print out of it. It came immensely useful, because there are no sign posts or directions. Well we are talking about the hinterland here. So, do not expect either. GPS tracker would have been easier; imagine all the fun of finding your way the old fashioned way of asking the villagers in your language and them answering in their language!!! 
Names of some of the places were slightly different in the map compared to what the locals used, to add to the confusion. It was all so much fun really. We did not, but even if got lost we would not have minded, one bit, in that beautiful landscape!!
 The grass was turning golden, onset of autumn for sure. 
The distant hills and and the curving road, should we stop and take in the beauty or keep going because traveling is also so much fun?
 There was an old well in the field. Sitting there so peacefully!
 Can you resist going on this road?
Halfway between Gaondongri and Netroli, suddenly caught sight of a waterfall. I screamed "stop, stop..". I recognised it as Bamanbudo waterfall from an article in the newspaper during monsoon season. The waterfall had reduced but the water was cool and sweet. There was group of people building a fire and started cooking lunch.
After passing the Netravali range (road goes through part of it), we came across the backwaters of Salaulim dam. It was too picturesque for words. In the middle of the road, there was an extensive joint family of brown cows sitting , standing peacefully. They would not budge for either horn or shout. A gentle nudge was more effective.
You can imagine the beauty of the place. because of a good monsoon, there seemed to be more water in the reservoir and submerged trees. On a clear day and still water, the reflections of the trees were perfect!
If you are ever in this part of the world, take the road trip and let me know if you find any more sights that are worth seeing.

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