Tuesday, November 1, 2016

A leisurely stroll on Palolem beach, South Goa

It was the end of October and the sea was calling. We love South Goa and that is where headed.  By the time we reached Colomb beach and checked into Secret Heaven Resort, rested and cleaned up, it was 4 pm. Time to head to the beach for the evening walk and a look at the sunset! 
It was a short walk of 10 min. from the resort to the opening to the path which leads to the Palolem beach. This path is through the trees, over the rocks; a small adventure in itself. there are no street lights or lighting of any sort. better to avoid after dark.
At the end of the path, there is a creek to cross. Depending on the time of the year and whether it is high tide or low tide time, there will be water in the creek. There will be a makeshift bridge made of wooden logs or bamboo, but since it is soon after the monsoons and the tourist season has yet to start, the bridge is not yet put up. So, that means one has to wade through the slightly murky waters. If one looks at the whole thing as adventure, this fits in perfectly. Fancy footwear will not take kindly to the hike and water ...
Finally there is light or sand at the end of the trek! and the beach beckons! Only a few beach shacks are up and running. Most others are under construction. Though it was Diwali long weekend, there were very few tourists, Indian or foreign. What a blessing! And it was a low tide! the water was cool under the feet. I love walking in the shallow waters... picking up shells etc.
I love Palolem beach for its white sand, flanked by low hills on either side; the shape of the beach is a crescent, which looks so much more pretty than a straight line!
We walked to the end of the Palolem beach. There river Shanti joins the Arabian sea. It is a small river, with water coming down the hills during monsoon. There were a few boats for sight seeing and some fishermen's boats too. It was a picturesque sight!

Evening sun with its golden light, illuminating the surroundings, was a sight to behold. We were very lucky to be enjoying these scenes...
By the time we headed back, it was dusk and sunset was spectacular! Retraced the same route, walking in the water and stopping and looking at the coconut trees, the hills in the distance and the sea...
Those were some special moments to cherish, knowing fully well that next time I walk on that same beach it will be a different experience.

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