Monday, August 31, 2015


I had this cotton shirt for a few years, almost new. My niece gave it to me since she was not wearing it. Cotton was of good quality. Other than that there was nothing to recommend it. 

Shirt - Before
I had made this lovely polka dot pink skirt which I adored. One day I was in one of those moods to cut up and stitch something. I picked up the shirt and found this skirt to match it, and got down to cutting and stitching.

Skirt - Before
 First I chopped off the sleeves and then the collar. I am not a fan of collars actually! Measured the length of the bodice I needed and cut off the extra length of the shirt. Removed the waist band from the skirt. cut up a a boat neck. 
Attached the facing to the sleeve opening. Made a narrow band around the neck and ran a cord like a draw string, both made out of the waist band of the skirt. Shaped the bodice to fit me and attached the skirt to the bodice.
Voila! there is a summer dress very comfortable and airy!

Summer dress - After

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