Silk Kurta with applique work

The final look of this salwar kameez happened accidentally. It was meant to be different.
This outfit I did a while back. I had the off-white pure silk material which I wanted to make into a kurta. I was lucky to find salwar and chunni / dupatta materials in matching prints. The salwar material being thicker synthetic / polyester type and the chunni in chiffon like. 

I finished stitching the salwar and kurta. I wanted to put embroidery on the kurta dn had bought suitable threads, mirrors and beads etc. There was quite a bit of material left over from salwar. While watching TV, I kept snipping the printed left over material, and Voila! I had the flower motis neatly trimmed. 
If you remember as kids we would cut paper into different shapes, It turned out something like that. I must have had restless fingers, I cut quite a few pieces.

Then a brain waves struck, and wondered how will it be if I simply stuck these printed pieces of cloth on the kurta instead of embroidering etc. Sure enough it looked good. 
Then I arranged various pieces strategically around the neck, in the middle, and at the bottom corner.

Initially I stuck them on the kurta with fabric glue at places just to keep in place, and tacked it around the edge, with a loose running stitch and then, did a neat blanket stitch with matching silk embroidery threads.


Since I already bought the mirrors, I stuck them with fabric glue. The total outfit turned out well. Even after several washes (in the washing machine too), the applique, mirrors are still in good condition.


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