Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Is it clean or what?

Is it clean or what?

'Cleanliness is next to Godliness' .... goes the proverb. We have all heard it.
It could mean that God resides in a clean place, or clean place is divine. 

A neat and clean house, clean kitchen and a clean front yard is a welcoming sight. This we all agree. We also agree that clean surroundings look pretty and even beautiful. Keeping things clean is a huge part of hygiene. 

But look around our streets, neighbourhoods and countryside. It is anything but clean. When we know cleanliness is good for us, why are we not able to maintain our surroundings clean?
I had been to Madikeri a few months back. Near the famous Abbey falls, so much trash was strewn around by the tourists even though there was a bin close by! It was an eye sore, and the bad part of it is that all the plastic cups, carry bags and packets are also being burnt there. 

  Trash being burnt next Abbey falls
This not an isolated incident; everywhere from outside our Residential buildings, to Roads, open plots, Bus stations, Railway stations, Airports, Parking lots, Nallas, Drains and Countryside, you name it and it is trashed and dirtied!
Travelling on highways or trekking in the hills, the carry bags in white, green, and blue are seen to decorate the bushes and grass. We seem to be redecorating the countryside!

Trash everywhere                       Trash spreading all over the pristine countryside

Everyone who has been to Singapore talks about how clean the cities are; also how they fine anyone littering the streets.
·        Why don't we follow cleanliness like Singaporeans?
·        What is it about us Indians that we do not care for our streets, play grounds, our neighbourhoods and our environment?
·        Why do we feel it is our birthright to dirty everything around us and that someone else must clean up / pick up after us?

May be it is a short walk to the nearest trash can or a garbage bin; take it, it is good for health!

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