Saturday, December 23, 2017

Alcobaca - A quaint town in Portugal

 Obidos, Alcobaca, Beltalha, and Leiria  are all close to each other. So, we decided to find a central location to stay and visit these places. As per the location and budget, we booked inot Hostel of Alcobaca. It was for 3 nights. During those three days, we went in and out of Alcobaca a few times. The area near the Monastery is the old town and the rest away from it is relatively newer.
There is a huge square in front of the monastery, lined by bakeries, resaurants, banks and other tourist attractions. Jo is peeping from behind the sculpture here.
 River Alcobaca passes through the town. Quaint bridges over it to go across.
It is a quiet town, at least the old part of the town, which suited us best. Few cars or vehicles were plying on these roads. The curving roads paved with cobble stones, and two or three storied buildings lining them is a treat to watch.
One can see that some of the buildings are vacant and are in need of urgent repairs. They are very well proportioned with beautiful windows and doorways.
Some buildings are well maintained as well. There is contrasting architectural styles of the old and new structures. They stand side by side and somehow there is a harmony in spite of the difference in styles and periods they were built in.Close to the bus stand and in the centre of the town square is a huge park where there are benches, lawns and exercise equipment id installed. The town people can get their daily exercise on the way to or from work, if they so desire. I found it totally motivating!
The bus stand is centrally located and we could walk to the hostel with our luggage quite easily. We noticed that there is good bus connectivity to other towns from Alcobaca. There are parks, squares, educational buildings, and commercial complexes in Alcobaca. This place is ideal for those who want peace and be away from the hustle and bustle of a big city. We loved it for the same reasons.

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