Saturday, November 25, 2017

The Literary Man Obidos Hotel Or Book lovers' paradise

Walking down the Rua de Dom Joao de Ornelas, we found a Unique name plate, 'The Literary Man Obidos Hotel'. Jo, my husband was intrigued by the name. He said that he wanted to check it out on our back. So we did. We were in for a surprise, as it turned out to be one of the pleasantest experiences of our trip to Obidos. we fell in love with it instantly.

In 'The Literary Man', as you can see the letter M is tilted at an angle; could it mean that the a person with a literary bent of mind is slightly different? Whether right or not, I liked it... 
It is a book store and it is a hotel. It was a convent during 18th and 19th centuries, according to the hotel staff, a courteous, helpful and pretty young lady, who was doing the registrations, managing billings, holding the reception, serving tea, and taking care of guests. I am impressed with her! A couple of years ago, it was converted into a hotel. The building is a solid stone construction with timber roofs. 
There were books everywhere, in the lobby, the Lounge cum Dining area, the Gin bar, the guest rooms, in the kitchen, and the our door seating area too.You can buy them or read them there. It is truly book lovers' paradise! 
Wait until you go to the night club or Bar. It is covered with books from floor to ceiling, two floors high. Imagine getting drunk on words, said Jo.

There is a separate entrance to the night club / bar on the left of the main entrance.
Wooden crates converted to outdoor furniture, lining the street outside the Hotel. The building sits on a sloping site. Anywhere you sit, you get a wonderful vista. One can read the books here too, and when you leave, leave them behind on the tales.
The lobby with the books lined up on the walls. The book shelves is a new addition as part of the renovation
The Lounge area near the fireplace
The dining area looking towards the lobby
The dining room cum Lounge with the new ceiling
Books were being donated by different countries we were told. They are in several languages too. Surrounded by subtle music and browsing through our favourite books, sipping our coffees and teas, to us it was soul soothing experience. If you love books, and in Obidos, don't miss this wonderful opportunity of visiting The Literary man Obidos  Hotel. Better if you can stay a night in the hotel.

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