Monday, July 31, 2017

Rua Augusta Arch - Lisbon

It is difficult to decide which places to visit, if you have allocated just 3 days for all of Lisbon sightseeing. Especially difficult if we don't know which we should see and which can be given a miss, not knowing the importance of any of them. So, we just picked a few places of tourist interest based on the logistics. I am glad we did not miss this one, as it had everything we love, beautiful architecture, great open square, sculpture, river and riverfront promenade.
Rua Augusta Arch is situated on Praca do Comercio, or Commerce square, in Lisbon. One can see the river Tagus from the arch and the square.

The Rua Augusta arch, the Commerce square form a place of very handsome proportions.  
In the center of the square is the bronze statue of King Jose 1.
The archway forms part of a U shaped building, housing govt. buildings for customs and port activities.
The two arms of the U shape building end in two towers; the white building as seen in the above photograph.
Standing in the archway, one can see that the height at the center, is more than 5 floors by today's standards.
There is a gallery or colonnade on either side of the arch. Handicrafts and touristy mementos are being sold in these galleries.
Beautiful cast iron lamps hang from the ceiling on the ground floor. Underside of the arch decorated with beautiful designs.
We actually arrived at the Praca do Comercio from behind, through a labyrinthine narrow lanes connecting old Lisbon.
This particular stretch of the street is only pedestrian. Decorated cobblestone paving greeted us warmly, along with the musicians playing various instruments. 
If you are in Lisbon, save half a day, preferably towards evening, for the visit to Praca do Comercio and Rua Augusta arch. The majestic proportions of the monuments and the open spaces have to be experienced to believe. There is beauty everywhere!

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