Thursday, July 20, 2017

LisBoa Card - Lisbon

I was wondering how and where to start this blog post. While going through my notes and photographs, came across this guide on Lisbon. Voila, this is it. I want to write about this wonderful LisBoa card, which we used thoroughly and were very happy with it.
After reaching the grand international airport of Lisbon, we went straight to the Tourism office / counter inside the airport. The staff was friendly and patient. They spoke multiple languages. A young man explained various products and services they provide. There were various brochures and pamphlets displayed, which were for free. 
We wanted to know if there were any day passes for buses and trains. He showed us this LiBoa Card, which is valid for 3 days, which lets one travel by various modes of transport for free, enter several tourist places for free, and for some we can get discount etc. Since we planned to travel and see as many places as possible, it was the perfect card for us, as we didnot want to keep buying the tickets everywhere. 
The card cost 40 Euros per person. They gave a card and along with it, a guide for Lisbon. The guide was equally useful, as it contained information in a nutshell.

The card along with the guide have to be carried. The guide has coupons inside, which we need to give at certain places if we want a discount.
The benefits of LisBoa card are:
  • Free travel on Metro 
  • Free travel on trams, buses, lifts and trains.
  • Sintra - Rossio - Oriente Line
  • Cascais - Cais do Sodre Line 
Free entry to 28 museums, monuments and other places of interest which charge a fee
5 % - 50 %  discount at various tourist / cultural attractions, shops.
The guide also lists the location, addresses, and telephone nos. of all the tourism offices in Lisbon and Sintra. All the tourist attractions are described with short explanation, how to get there, and opening and closing timings.  
We used the card on buses, tram, entrance to museums and monuments, and saved a lot of money. It is hassle free. There were queues everywhere for the tickets, so the card saves a lot of time too.

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