Friday, April 1, 2016

Tote Bag out T shirt, an Upcycle project

All those who are active on internet would have seen this video of a striped T shirt converted to a tote bag. I too saw it. It is no sew tote bag. One requirement for that tote bag is a kid's size T shirt. Since I could not get my hands on a kid's T shirt, I let it wait. 
Recently I went visiting my young neighbour. She liked a tote bag I was carrying and wanted to make something like that. I remembered this T shirt to Tote bag project and explained to her. She quickly grabbed 2 black T shirts and gave me a choice. WOW! I suddenly have 2 T shirts to chose from. One was plain but sturdy (you want a sturdy bag, right!) and the other had a smart print on it, but the material was a bit thin. I opted for the sturdy yet plain black one and went to work with it.
Like shown in the video, I cut out the sleeves, increased the neck opening, same depth, front and back. I pinned the bottom and tried it with stuff in it. As expected, It was not comfortable. I turned the bag 90 degrees (the seam will come in the center) and again pin the bottom opening and checked. It fit perfectly this time. Instead of tying up the tassels at the bottom (again as shown in the video), I put a seam, rounding the corners (or the corners would sag!) 
Well, it turned out to be a perfect but boring black bag. Rummaged through my stash of materials and found this piece of cloth with a funky print in a rectangular shape and some old and used lace. Quickly attached the applique and lace to the front. 
Tote bag ready.

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