Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Mapping through Art

According to Ms. Rani Sarin who conducted the workshop on 'Mapping through art', we all  travel with maps.Some are universal such as the constellations and the shape of continents and some as particular as the local roads we are familiar with.As we navigate 'our life's way', we are all creating our private maps. Like memory, geography is associative. We carry a personal atlas in our heads.
Ms. Rani Sarin - Workshop facilitator
Ms. Sarin explained that a map is simply a visual record of meanderings, both mental and physical. Here are some ideas for things you could consider mapping: 
A garden
A grocery store
Your home
A school
An idea
How you got here
Your activities
Your vacation
Your day
A story you are reading
 An Island
A dog's live

Ms. Mirium who runs Gallery Gitanjali, Goa
A book on mapping
The attendees
Workshop in progress
Some visitors watching the attendees at work and interacting with them
We can display our experiences, the places we saw and things we did through maps. A map is a JOURNEY through space and time. The maps can be either through space or time; or a mixture of space and time. For example, you may have lived in one locality when you were one year old, and then the family moved to a different area when you were three, and so on. you can make a map of all the places that you lived in your live, with the help of pictures of those places and a route map also. You may add a photo of yourself at that age. 
The maps should ideally be colourful and self explanatory. It can be a mixture of collage, sketching, painting, text and symbols. 
Though the time allotted was three hours, it was not enough to learn and then make a map. It was an interesting learning experience though.

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