Thursday, March 10, 2016

Boat ride from Baga beach to Anjuna Beach, Goa

I had a lucky chance to go to Anjuna beach the other day. Hubby's ex-boss was in the country and wanted to treat us to breakfast in Anjuna. I am always ready to go to a beach destination and what better place to have breakfast than at a beach shack overlooking the waves break on the rocks!!!
After parking the car in front of someone's residence / restaurant, we legged it to the beach. It is nearing the end of tourist season, so the beach was not overly crowded. It was a lovely morning, clear blue sky and not too hot a day. I deal weather to slip into flip flops, a pair of disreputable shorts and a tank top; and don't forget that floppy hat! Thought of a sumptuous breakfast was surely a friding force!
There were sailing boats waiting for passengers! Tourists were swimming, walking or simply lounging on the beach.
We waited for the boat to arrive back from Anjuna. Surprising to know that there is a regular shuttle service from Baga beach to Anjuna beach and back. On land it is a longer route. If you want to go directly to the beach, this is the best option. You will be reaching from the sea!!!
After a 10 min. wait, the motor boat came, unloaded its passengers and we got in. It had a capacity of 12; life jackets available for all, so it is quite safe even for those who fear water. I was not going to take any chances, so donned my life jacket and buckled up well. It was a delightful sight to see so many boats of all sizes anchored on the waters.
Co-passengers taking in the view; all going to Anjuna on various errands!


Basically we go along the land towards north. We pass the hillocks along the edge of water. noticed some trails; love to explore them; that is for another day!
Reached Anjuna beach in 15min. and walked up to a beach shack and ordered our food.
It happened to be wednesday. So, Anjuna flee market is on in full swing. It is a weekly bazaar, spread over several acres (detailed description in a previous blog). While waiting for my breakfast order, I took a quick look at a few stalls around.
Cannot ignore this gentleman doing business having a nap. Cannot blame him, as it was a warm day and sitting in the shade is surely a temptation!
After a leisurely meal, we headed back the same way back to Baga beach. The boat ride cost Rs.100 per head per ride. Quite reasonable for an enjoyable ride and beautiful scenery. 
I shall do it again! If you happen to be in Goa, don't miss this small pleasure.

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