Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Vegetable Pickle - Punjabi style

I had not been to Langar at a Gurudwara until last year. My friends Teji and Jagmohan very kindly invited me to go with them when they visited on a Sunday. That is when I had food there for the first time and loved their vegetable pickle. Teji offered to show me the method; but one thing or the other kept getting in the way. When both were free and ready, the vegetables were not in season. Finally we got the ingredients ready and agreed on a time and made it. She showed me the procedure step by step. It taste delicious! I was so excited I learnt something new, I told all my friends!
Thanks Teji.


Cauliflower - 1/2, cut into medium sized florets
Turnips (Shalgam) - 2 nos. cut 2"x1/4" length wise pieces
Red Carrots (Gajar) - 2 nos. cut 2"x1/4" length wise pieces
Onion - 2 nos, cut length wise thin slices
Ginger garlic paste - 2 tsp.
Mustard oil - 100 ml.
White synthetic vinegar - 400 ml.
Jaggery (good) - 400 gms.
Mustard seeds - 2 tbs. powder it
Chilli powder - 1.5 tsp.
Turmeric - 1/2 tsp.
Garam masala powder - 2 tsp.
Salt - to taste

Heat water in a pot. Cook the vegetables in boiling water for a few minutes.

Drain out the water. Make sure the vegetables are not fully cooked. They should be crunchy.

On a stove, put a wide pan and pour mustard oil and heat it. Wait until the fumes are coming from oil before putting the ginger garlic paste. Fry it. Add chopped onion pieces and fry until golden colour. Keep stirring so that they do not burn. 

Put the steamed vegetables into the fried onion. Fry them on high flame. Keep stirring. 

After 7 to 10 min. add turmeric powder, and chilli powder. Add salt and mix thoroughly. Now add garam masala powder. Mix and Switch the stove off.

While the vegetables are frying, on another stove, heat vinegar in a pot. When hot, drop jaggery into it. Wait until jaggery is melted and lightly cooked. Take it off the stove.

Add this vinegar and jaggery mixture to the cooked vegetables. Mix mustard powder into it. 

Vegetable pickle in Punjabi style is ready to eat.
It tastes excellent with both roti and rice.

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