Sunday, January 31, 2016

Morning walk on Caranzalem beach, Goa

It was a bright, sunny morning; the last day of January 2016. Already one month is gone this year! Anyway, back to this morning, Joachim and I got ready (in our flip flops and very casual clothes) to go to the beach for our morning walk. I am a evening walking person, but some sundays we go in the morning to the beach. Since Caranzalem, beach is just across the road from where we live, it is always a pleasure to go there. 

A walk is a walk wherever you go. Why a blog post on it? For me, a walk on a beach is like no other. Here is a world in itself. It is a complete experience. The pictures show some of the things I noticed on my walk and describe my experiences. There is always something to learn when I go with Joachim! He is well of knowledge!
We reach the beach and what a pleasure to sea the water!
The fishing boats ready to go to sea. 
I love this freshly painted boat resting on wooden planks. When the fishermen want to take it into the sea, they remove one wooden plank, put it ahead by a few meters, push the boat on the the other one until it is resting on both. Then remove the back one, bring it forward, place it few meters ahead and roll the boat on the one resting on....and again repeat the process until the boat is in the water and then it is push into deeper waters. Did it make any sense?
A long fishing net drying on the sand!
Looks like it is low tide this time in the morning! Waves are low and the shore line went back. The sound of the crashing waves has to be heard to feel it!
Not many morning walkers / strollers on this sunday.
There is this particular Sun worshiper who is a permanent fixture both in the mornings and at sun down. His back is to the water and is facing the sun.
This kid doesnot have company to play. good thing he brought his football along!
There was a lot of hue and cry about the beaches being dirty and garbage and trash everywhere, a couple of years ago. Municipality swung into action, and ever since the beaches are combed for any and all kinds of trash every day.
it is a simple process of collecting, picking up and transporting. These guys are doing a great job, if you can see what people leave behind them after a visit to the beach. Broken alcohol bottles, wrappers, polythene bags, broken footwear, and all kinds of rubbish .... Do they think the sea will carry it far away?
Dust bins are placed every few meters. So, Locals and tourists, please go to the nearest bin and drop the trash and not in the water or beach.
Saw very few shells this morning. Found a few flat disc like circular shells. There was this mussel digging into the sand ...
What a luxury to keep the feet in the sea water!
There are lot of these tiny birds, almost gliding over the water, looking for small fish, crabs etc. 
It was an enjoyable walk and I am ready for a healthy breakfast!

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