Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Trek to Barazan waterfalls - Goa

After a long gap, we started out on an energetic trek to Barazan waterfalls; organised by Eco Treks on 22nd Nov. 2 buses and close to 80 of us were very upbeat about this trek. 
I love waterfalls and the route is exciting more so because of a number of bikers on Enfields zipping past us.
The legend is that the waterfalls claimed 12 lives, and BARAZAN meaning 12 lives, so it is called Barazan
As usual we started at 7.30 am. and amid lively chatter, we set off.

A short break to stretch our legs and enjoy the view!

Reached our destination after travelling for over 2 hrs.; surprised to see a restaurant and quite a few diners there. 


Those of us crazy about big bikes got a good look at the now gleaming Enfield bikes at close quarters!

After a hearty breakfast of Idlis and tea, we set off on the trek. It is a short trek, but mostly winding along the river Kalsa, and various streams joining it, through western ghats. Kalsa river originates in Karnataka state and joins Mhadai river, and then on becomes Mandovi river, finally joining Arabian sea.

The trek is through a thin trail, wide enough for just one person. It is the month of November but the landscape is still lush green, a photographer's delight.

From a certain point along the route, we could see the waterfalls. Saw waterfalls in a crescent shape before only in pictures. this one is a beauty. From there, we move on climbing down. Couple of places, it is a steep climb down; with the help of a rope, we managed without any mishap.

 Finally when we reached the bottom past the waterfall, the gushing waters of the river (mostly during monsoons) created unusual shapes in rocks. 
We negotiate the rocks gingerly, and go as far as possible to see the waterfalls. Getting into the pool at the base of the waterfall is not allowed.

I wondered how the huge boulders came to be there. They are angular, sharp edged and freshly cut; if they were there forever, they would have become rounded by the river water, especially through the monsoon months; one can imagine the force of the water!  
 We sat on the rocks and some frolicked in the waters. Water was cool and pleasant.

Picturesque scenery! Sunlight through trees on flowing water and jutting rocks! 

After a while it was time to head back. Young and sprightly climbed quicker and not so young took their time crawling up on all fours!

Usually we never come across any wildlife on the treks, but this time, we saw 2 different snakes! A viper and a green snake!


After a sumptuous lunch and tea and pakoras and ample rest, we headed back to Panjim!
Over all it was very enjoyable trek; long bus ride, short trek, very scenic, lovely waterfall, little bit of climbing up and down, some walking, great weather, greater food. 
A must see place.

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