Thursday, December 3, 2015

Refresh the Residence - Green Walls

Green means living. A plant or a tree if green, it is said to be alive. When you add greenery to your residence on the exterior or interior, you are bringing it alive. Isn’t it a good thing?

One of the easiest ways and most striking solutions to refresh a building is to add a green wall, either to the total facade or partially. An existing wall can be made into a green wall or a standalone green wall can also be erected. 

Most of you must be aware of the green walls or vertical gardens. Green walls are refreshing not just aesthetically, but they also:
·        Increase the oxygen content. If the green wall is in the interior of the residence, so much better because they remove toxins!
·        They act as sound insulation.
·        It is a natural way of cooling the building especially the interiors.
·        Relieve monotony
·        Green colour soothing for the eyes and De-stressing
·        Exude aura and energy

Green wall as part of the facade
Green wall can change the facade dramatically; adds freshness, it adds warmth; brings a smile to the face. Makes you want to go close and see or touch the plant.

Creepers on the walls

You have a boring extensive plastered white or any other coloured wall; and you are not looking to incur heavy expenditure in changing the elevation, even if it means improving it. Here is a great way to refresh it. Part of the wall can be covered by a wine or a creeper; It breaks monotony and makes it dynamic by changing with seasons and growth.

Here is an old building with arches. If you don’t want to change the character of the facade by new colour scheme or by stone / tile cladding, you can grow creepers on to the space above the arches. Train the creepers so that they do not grow in an orderly manner.

Green wall in the interior will be very dramatic. It draws people to it. It is attractive and can also be a conversation piece. 

You don’t want to have a climber / creeper directly on your facade? No problem; there are different solutions for vertical green walls these days. Basically, there will be a frame onto which the soil will be mounted either in containers or some kind of felt or matting. A few important aspects to take into consideration:
1.     One is how to water the plants. There has to be an irrigation system in place.
2.     Make sure the wall or the building is strong enough to take the load of the frame and the plant.

If you like the idea, get in touch with any company who is doing vertical gardens.

Any -
·        Climbing plants
·        Plants with tendrils
·        Clinging plants
·        Twining plants

      …… can be used for green walls

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