Thursday, October 12, 2017

Basilica - Mafra Palace, Portugal

It is the first time I had seen marble stone of different colours being used in such luxury and intricate design for flooring, walls, and ceilings. Starting in the Vestibule (Galilee Porch)/ entrance verandah where statues of St. Sebastiao and others were commissioned from various Italian masters. 
Though started construction 1717, to this day the Church is maintained very well. It is a pleasure to visit it. I felt a sense of calm and peace inside the church. If you happen to visit, please do spend some time in silence. Some places are for fun and enjoyment, and some are for pure experience and soak up the ambience. This is one such place. 
The Church measures 63m. in length, 16.5m wide and 21m. high in the nave.
Semi columns of fluted Corinthian style support the Barrel vaulted roof
King D.Joao VI commissioned 6 Organs for the Basilica

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