Thursday, August 11, 2016

Pinafore to Nightie - A Refashion

Some of my friends, relatives and acquaintances know that I make clothes. My neighbour every once in a while unloads stuff that she has no use for, onto me. Someone gave her this imported dress and it turned out to be too tight for her. Because I am slimmer than her, she said maybe I could wear it or use it to something. The fabric was cotton and very soft, but not thing or transparent.
 After I took it home and looked at it closely, turning it inside out, noticed that it is actually a pinafore and someone just stitched up the sides till armhole opening. It became too small across the chest and obviously it will be too tight. Once I opened up the seams, it turned out to be an ok kind of design. Personally I am not a great fan of pinafores. Especially in Goa, it is humid most of the year and cannot wear two layers. So, the long and short of it is, I have no use for a pinafore. 

Since the cloth was really good and the print was small, in soft colours, and the best part is that the bodice was lined with soft white cotton fabric. I decided to make a nightie out of it. 
Chopped off the top of the bodice; cut out the neck and arm hole openings; turned the dress front to back, and finished the raw edges by turning them in twice. 

Left the skirt as it is.I had a big roll of this soft white lace in my stash, so it went around the neck and arm hole opening. The length is till the knee, exactly how I like. I am really enjoying wearing it.
If the outfit / item turns out be pretty and useful, it gives a very satisfying feeling. Feeling of trashing the earth a little less!

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