Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Recycled vest into a tote bag

I am very impressed with all the recycle ideas I see on the internet. I do a fair amount sewing, but not much refashion or recycling of old or used stuff. Lately I have been taking a stern look at my wardrobe and several items did not make the cut, so had to be relegated either to be given away or refashion them.
This was one vest I used to wear a lot at home during winters. Ever since I moved to Goa, there is no winter and definitely no need for the extra layer. So it was hanging in the wardrobe for some time now, thinking when i need it, it will come useful. The other day, I decided the time has come for it to be discarded. I love the embroidery on the front and bright coloured flowers. I wanted to try my hand at recycling it and quickly turned it into a tote bag. 


All I did was to measure the length of the bag and cut out the rest from the top. Double folded it half inch and stitched the raw edges.
Attached the front flaps together.
Stitched up the bottom. Sides are already joined.
Closed the armhole opening part way, and left the rest open.
The bag is ready. It needed handles. I had this orange cotton material cut up from another tunic. Folder and stitched them to form belts. Attached them to the bag equidistant from the center.
I am quite happy with the end result. Looks pretty and very useful. Plastic has its uses, but I try to avoid using plastic / polythene bags as much as possible.

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