Saturday, October 24, 2015

Sling Bag

I noticed that when I wanted to go the neighbourhood supermarket or just visiting the next door neighbour, I would be carrying house keys, mobile phone, some money, spects etc. Taking a hand bag along is too much bother for short distances and I did not need it really. So what is the solution?
I hit upon the idea of a sling bag, small in size and light weight too.
Rummaged through my stash of left over fabrics and material, I found the right stuff.
It is dense furnishing fabric material and closely woven and synthetic and cotton mix, so sturdy and easy to wash; and some contrasting curtain material for the pouch in front and the button flap.
This is what came out by the time I got done with it.

Dimensions of the sling bag are:

Length – 7”
Height – 8”
Front pouch – 5” x 4”
Strap length – 55”
Strap width – 1”
These are finished measurements. Must add ½” for stitching and 1” for strap.

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