Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Ear Ring Holder 1

All those of you who have a big collection of junk / costume jewellery must have faced the problem of storing them. I love ear rings and love them in different materials, colours, sizes and shapes.

I have them in Gold, Silver, beads, pearls, precious and semi precious stones, wood, seeds, bone, glass, shell, thread, etc.

Have you noticed that the ear rings with hooks get tangled up when you keep them all in a box or a case? Most of the time, you will find one ear ring that you want to wear but not its pair, especially when you are in a hurry? I had that problem often. Not any more!

I made a holder / board (for the lack of a better name) on which I hung all my ear rings with hooks. It is kept the board on top of a wall unit, at eye level.

  • From a packing box, I cut out a flat piece of side panel and smoothened the edges with scissors.
  • The ear rings were made into different categories based on their size. I knew how many rows and what distances they should be hung.
  • Drew horizontal lines across and marked points for making holes.
  • With the help of a pointy tool, made holes on the markings.
  • Stuck metallic lace all round for decoration.

Finally I hung up my ear rings on the holder. There seems to be extra space for a few more pairs! 
Now they are easy to remove and put back. They are safe from scratches and breakings!

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