Beautiful Igreja do Salvador Church in Loutolim, Goa

On our tour of Loutolim, Goa, we stopped at the intersection of several roads, and there stands  the magnificient Church of Igreja do Salvador. One cannot pass it by and not see the interiors. That is what we did. The exterior is beautifully maintained, it looks clean and fresh.
the interiors are magnificient with chandeliers hanging from the ceiling, Paintings hanging on the walls,  solid wood pews, golden altar. 
Following are a few photographs to illustrate the grandieur. If you are in Goa, This church is a must see!

Front facade of the church

South entrance to church

Interesting four shutter main door

View from inside the main entrance

Grand altar

Close up of the ceiling over altar

Wooden false ceiling in the entrance foyer

Detail of the above ceiling!


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