Saturday, February 7, 2015

Karela (Bitter Gourd) fry

Karela or Bitter gourd is supposed to have medicinal qualities. As the name suggests, it is bitter. There are any number of recipes which basically try to reduce the bitterness, and add some taste to it. We were made to eat it no matter whether we liked or not. ‘It is good for health, so you must eat’, we were told as kids. After a time, you will get used to it, and eventually try some recipes of your own. Following is one of mine.
What I noticed was that if you cook Karela, the bitterness increases (if that is possible). If you fry it reduces.

Karela (Bitter gourd) fry

Karela (Bitter gourd) –250 gms.
Red chilli powder – ½ tsp.
Oil – 3 tbs.
Salt – 1tsp. (approxi.)
Clean and cut karela into thin circles. Add salt and leave it aside for half an hr.
In a frying pan pour the oil and when hot drop the karela pieces. Fry the vegetable until they turn brown. This time round I took them off the stove lightly browned.
Take the pan off the stove, and sprinkle chilli powder on it and mix well.
Karela fried this way, will stay for several days without spoiling.

It can be eaten with rice or as a side dish. It adds zing to your meal.

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